Artistic Underground Stations

By sure not the only example of this kind (Moscow Underground has been one of the first artistic ones…), but Naples Art Underground Stations have become a new unmissable destination in town.

About means of transports Naples has some important primacies, such as the birth of the first Italian Railway station in 1839, one of the first Italian tubes (the so called nowadays Line 2) and the first cable car built on an active volcano in 1880 (to celebrate which it was written the very famous NEAPOLITAN song “Funiculì Funiculà”!).

Then, since the early ‘70s, a brand new project was by being thought about: a new underground line connecting the town districts.

To this functional project was associated the idea of embellishing the stations as if they were museums sections until arriving to the last opened ones that are totally concealed as art works: the goal of this project is “to oblige” people to daily interact with contemporary art even if the underground is one of those places where we always are rushed up: as an underground user I can tell it works!

Great Italian and International contemporary artists have given their contribution thinking about works that many times are strictly representative of aspects of the town and the project has been estended to buildings surrounding some stations as well in order to give a brand new look to some Naples area.

When you are in town I suggest you to see and use Toledo, Università, Salvator Rosa, Garibaldi stations.

And when you are by Municipio Square enjoy the renderings of the the massive archaeological underground station!



Metro Toledo foto di Andrecruz Wikimedia Commons

Toledo Station



Metropolitana di Napoli Università foto dal sito della Metropolitana di Napoli

Università Station



Garibaldi Central Station



metropolitana di Napoli stazione Municipio foto di Sergej Vacca Wikimedia Commons

Municipio Square



Metropolitana di Napoli Salvator Rosa foto dal sito della Metropolitana di Napoli

Salvator Rosa Station