Ancient Pompeii fascination

Many calamities have befallen the world but no other has given so much pleasure to later generations.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

  • Duration

    2hrs (standard tour)

  • Kind of itinerary

    Walking tour.
    It is possible to reach Pompeii from Naples by Circumvesuviana train, direction Sorrento, stop POMPEI SCAVI VILLA DEI MISTERI.

  • For whom?

    All the tours can be customized on the exigencies of my customers, included families with children or teenagers.

  • Tickets

    Tickets can be purchased directly in Pompeii (it is possible to skip the line with your guide) or online by Ticketone app Entrance fee: euros 18,00, free of charge for under 18 or 2,00 euros for EU 18-24 year-old citizens (it is mandatory to exhibit a document, or a picture of it, with the birth date).

A freeze frame dating back to more than two thousands years ago, this is Pompeii: it is the history of which we can still cross the streets and whose houses and shops not only we can get in, but where we can still experience daily life of common people.

It is the ancient town where we can still visualize the multitude of busy people in the majestic Forum and in its public buildings: the Basilica, the food market, the Temple of the Capitoline Triad, the Baths, the snack-bars, the brothels and the touching sight of some victims plaster casts.

And where we can still be impressed by the state of preservation and by the preciousness of frescoes and mosaics, like the unmissable ones in the House of the Faun and in the House of Vettii, recently reopened to the public.

It is possible to customize the tour extending its duration up to five hours for the site (including a break) or up to 6hrs if you would like to include an ancient recipes taste by local chefs and /or for a tour to Pompeii Virtual Museum (euro 10,00).
It is possible as well to extend the tour including Naples or one of its museums or including Herculaneum ruins.