No other places in Naples for a coffee than a bar!

So so many coffees we can take in Naples in a day!

When a Neapolitan meets a friend it doesn’t matter if the last time was the day before or longer, inviting and sharing a coffee break is obvious, standing by the counter after which everybody keep on with his/her own business!

And in Naples we are a lot so… we have lots of coffees!

Focus on its preparation: in the local bars you can often find on the spot grounded coffee, any button to be pushed for starting, because the barman handles personally the pressure and, waiting for the coffee coming out, that will fill a boiling small cup, you have already received a glass of water for free, the “truth” moment: if you are Neapolitan you will drink it before your coffee, for deeply enjoying its flavour that we try keeping in mouth as long as possible: this is a coffee pleasure as well!

In case you should be thirsty after your coffee and you drink some water, this could even worry up the barman and you could be questioned about how good the preparation was…

If you have your breakfast at a local bar, you can notice that the barman deeply knows the variety or the “vices”  of his/her customers’ tastes: a whirling succession of hot/cold cup, small water glass, sugared, not sugared…

Or, when you experience a pizzeria or a restaurant, I suggest you not to ask for a coffee there: once each made his/her job and for a Neapolitan it was unthinkable to have a coffee if not at a bar

And to have a coffee in a pizzeria can be…scandalous!

With the development of tourism many things change, too many times negatively

So, if you travel for deeply enter a local culture, remember to enjoy a coffee in Naples only in bars!


In every local bar you see or like or at one of the several Mexico bars where they use a local torrefaction Passalacqua and serve coffee sugared as it was once. So, if you do not prefer a sugared coffee, inform the barman!

If you are in Piazza Plebiscito area you cannot miss Caffè Gambrinus or, very close, Caffè del Professore, now a brand as well, where you can enjoy his trademarked invention, the delicious nut cream coffee! 


caffe mexico napoli

Caffè Mexico

Where is it?
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72
Corso Umberto I, 30
Piazza Dante, 86
and more…


Gran Caffe Gambrinus Napoli foto del Caffe Gambrinus

Caffè Gambrinus

Where is it? Via Chiaia, 1


Caffè del Professore

Where is it? Piazza Trieste e Trento, 2