The "art" of getting by

The most attractive aspect of never giving up and of that productive imagination and smartness identifying the Neapolitans!

Sometimes this is wrongly associated to the intention of taking advantage of somebody, more often this is actually a natural ability to reinvent oneself day by day, because of very high levels of inoccupation, using at the best personal skills learnt in the street life.

I can tell you about remarkable and funny examples!


Between the ‘70s and the first ‘90s, when tourism was not yet an important economic field here, somebody thought about selling… Naples air!

Mini bottles containing it (and consider it was extremely pollute as well!). How not to prize such an idea by buying these clearly empty bottles?

Or, more recent (but sometimes you can still find somebody selling Naples air in the old city…) clearly not fresh carrots on sale, and bought by the same  Neapolitans, in order to make Snow Men in occasion of the extraordinary snow fall in 2018!

The dearest example of this “art” to me is represented by Renato Davide: you can meet him nearby Piazza Plebiscito and surroundings: if you recognize him stop by him and listen to him.

Observe him: he is truly Neapolitan, he is delicate and polite and his aspect is among the most typical you can see.
He will recite his poems and, although they are written in Neapolitan dialect or, sometimes, in Italian, you need no translation, because everything will be so understandable to you thanks to his performance and his body language: this is his gift to you and yours to him will be a tip making his day. Look at for him on Youtube, not to miss him when you are here!



Talarico maestro ombrellaio a Napoli dal 1860

maestro ombrellaio dal 1860

Punto vendita: Via Toledo, 329
Laboratorio: Vico Due Porte a Toledo 4/B
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