Saint Martin Charterhouse

I still guess what can be better: to visit it at the beginning or in the end of a journey in Naples…

Starting from here can mean to immediately experience how to get around, by using the underground or the cable car, and have a wonderful and complete idea of what is to be expected in Naples while strolling in its streets.

Visiting it at the end can be a nice way to start collecting your journey memories…

Probably it actually does not matter: the Charterhouse is a must see.

A century-year-old museum, located on the top of one of the most beautiful Naples hills, at 300 metres (about 980 feet) above sea level and with a complete sight of the town.

It is Naples museum: it houses artworks and spaces perfectly summarizing some of the most representative characteristics of what is visible crossing its streets.

Do not miss the Church, with its elegant and refined baroque style and its sicilian marble inlayed floor, its paintings and frescoes making it like a Neapolitan XVII century painting gallery, the XVIII and XIX centuries Nativity scenes collections and the openings of the building on Naples Bay!

Closing day: Wednesday
Entrance fee: 6,00 euros



Certosa di San Martino Napoli foto di Pascvii

Saint Martin Charterhouse

Vomero Hill
Largo San Martino, 1