Lard and pepper Tarallo

taralli napoletani impilati foto di Teresa Incoronato

Lard and pepper Tarallo A hole surrounded by a taste delight: that’s the Neapolitan tarallo! Less known than the Puglia (another Region of Southern Italy) one, the neapolitan tarallo is the typical snack to be offered to your guests or to enjoy by your own when you get suddenly hungry (and not only in a … Read more

Neapolitan Pizza

pizza napoletana foto di aurelien-lemasson-theobald-x00CzBt4Dfk-unsplash

Neapolitan Pizza The most common and direct association between Naples and its food! Although our local cooking is extremely various, pizza is the queen of not only special occasions, because it  is the quickest and most chosen fast food we almost daily get and, in most of the cases, we eat it just standing or … Read more