Diego Armando Maradona: Neapolitans’ God (D10S)

Murales Maradona

Maradona: Neapolitans’ God (D10S) 1984, July 5th, St.Paul Stadium (renamed Maradona Stadium in 2020): 80.000 Neapolitans celebrate the Pibe de Oro (The gilded guy) arrival what modified forever the football pride of the town, even before ‘O rre’ (the King in Neapolitan dialect) kicked his first ball in the so called bright blue city! Since … Read more

Neapolitan ex-voto

ex voto con una schiena napoletani foto di Teresa Incoronato

Neapolitan ex-voto The donation of votive offerings in Naples is a still spread and felt habit. Moreover, the Neapolitan ones are different from the traditional ex-voto. The classic ones are generally simple paintings depicting dangerous events, like accidents or diseases, characterized by a happy end for the victim, while the Neapolitan ones are an expression … Read more

The red horn

Cornetto napoletano ftd

The red horn: a traditional Neapolitan lucky charm One of the most complicated moments in a journey of mine is to look for a traditional souvenir: many handicrafts are disappearing and replaced by anonymous magnets, so I often decide to bring back home at least some flavours. In Naples it is still possible to find … Read more

Naples Nativity scenes

Pastori del presepe napoletano Antonio Fucito, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Naples Nativity scenes The main and most traditional handicraft in town. Don’t miss a walk in S. Gregorio Armeno street, the only Naples Christmas Street: short, narrow and full of handmade products since the XVIII century. It is wonderful to get lost in the tiny shops where craftsmen, since generations, still work according to old … Read more

Neapolitans and the dead

Cimitero delle fontanelle foto di Marcel Haring Flickr 24475706357_41be6d2cf9_k

Neapolitans and the Dead A still…live devotion!!! Yes, Neapolitans’ connection with the Afterworld is daily and special, not only about their own dear relatives passed away, but for the so called “ragged Souls” as well. There are many churches in Naples with crypts housing bones with no longer identity, since many of them belong to … Read more