Saint Martin Charterhouse

Certosa di San Martino Napoli foto di Pascvii

Saint Martin Charterhouse I still guess what can be better: to visit it at the beginning or in the end of a journey in Naples… Starting from here can mean to immediately experience how to get around, by using the underground or the cable car, and have a wonderful and complete idea of what is … Read more

National Archaelogical Museum of Naples

Museo Archeologico di Napoli foto di ho visto nina volare Flickr e Wikimedia Commons

Archaeological Museum of Naples A precious museum whose oneness is determined by the provenance of its finds, most of which are from Pompeii and Herculaneum and found in about two centuries of excavations, so a real museum of the territory! Mosaics, frescoes,  several daily life objects, finds from the so-called Phlegrean Fields, a charming volcanic … Read more

Artistic Underground Stations

Metro Toledo foto di Andrecruz Wikimedia Commons

Artistic Underground Stations By sure not the only example of this kind (Moscow Underground has been one of the first artistic ones…), but Naples Art Underground Stations have become a new unmissable destination in town. About means of transports Naples has some important primacies, such as the birth of the first Italian Railway station in … Read more